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Sometimes we are given 50 design requirements and the head of a pin to fit them on. It’s hard for that not to get crowded. This was like an Egyptian tomb access tunnel that we turned into a powerful home office and wardrobe room. You can’t see the function but the door systems are telescoping providing amazingly simple function to dividing the spaces.


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Office, Bedroom, Dining Buffet, Family Room, not necessarily in that order. These jobs were fun and interactive. I think we made a lot out of a lot. Check out the maple burl inset panels. I think they look like the storms on Saturn.

Black Point Home

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Excellent design work by the architect John Black helped put the owners personal collections into built in spaces, letting their art take center stage but also giving the house a lived in feel. We really like our projects to call a little attention to themselves, but never at the expense of the space. This is one reason built in cabinetry can be so successful. Professional lighting design also played a big roll in how well things turned out.


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The Ritz Carlton custom design

This was a really great job for us. The requests kept coming and I felt like we had good responses. A last minute request for a sustainably harvested wood lead to us using German Beech. It is hard, stable, and takes finishes really well as you can see. The carved panels adorn almost twenty columns in the lobby area.